From the earliest days the Carmelite Order has been a mendicant order of begging brothers, trusting in the providence of God shown through the generosity of individuals and communities, to support our work.

We receive no state support and rely on the generosity of people like you to fund our work which builds up God's Church and which benefits some of the neediest people in society.

All of our friar communities remember our benefactors daily in our prayers.  One of the most important donations you can make to our ministry is the support of your prayers.

If you are able to support us financially, it is possible to donate in three ways:

Donate Online

It is possible to donate to the work of the Carmelite Order online.

In Britain the Carmelite Order makes use of this service to make it possible for you to make credit/debit card donations and - if you are a UK tax-payer - for us to reclaim the tax already paid on that donation via Gift Aid legislation.

At the present moment you can direct your online donation in 1 of 2 ways.

1) To donate to support the general ministry and good works of the Carmelites in Britain click here

2) To donate towards the work of the National Shrine of Saint Jude click here

Send a donation in the post

If you wish to donate to the Carmelites by cheque - payable to Carmelite Friars - you can write to:

Very Rev. Father Provincial, O.Carm., c/o Saint Jude Shrine Office, PO Box 289, Faversham, Kent, ME13 3BZ

If you are a UK tax-payer, you can make your donation go further by completing and sending us a Gift Aid declaration.

Other ways to donate

Donate as you shop
You can help the Carmelites every time you shop on the internet via another charity called The Giving MachineAll you need to do is to provide your email address to the Shrine Office, and we’ll do the rest; to contact us by email click here. Once we have registered you and sent you details you can shop online at any of the 400+ top retailers who have teamed up with charities via The Giving Machine.

By entering the site through a special portal you can take advantage of the many exclusive special offers and discounts available to all givers, and every time you shop via The Giving Machine the retailer pays a sales commission. The Giving Machine converts 75% of this commission into a donation to the Carmelites so we can use the money for our work.

Alternatively, if you shop via Amazon visit: and add Carmelite Charitable Trust as your charity. Every time you shop via Amazon Smile, we receive donations (at no cost to you!).

Donate your rubbish!

We are now the public collection point in Faversham for:

  • The Cheese Packaging Recycling Programme
  • The Lily's Kitchen Recycling Programme
  • The Lavazza Eco Caps Composting Programme
  • The Kinder Recycling Programme
  • The Air, Home and Laundry Care Recycling Programme
  • The Babybel® Recycling Programme
  • The Flash® Wipes, Cloths and Pads Recycling Programme
  • The Hasbro Toy and Games Recycling Programme
  • The RB® Hygiene Home Recycling Programme
  • The Ferrero Pralines Recycling Programme

After we have collected enough, the company Terracycle turn the items into something else - recycling items that are not normally renewable. The charity then receives donations for your rubbish! 

You can send to us at our PO Box address, or you can deliver if you are local to Faversham. Thank you.

Donate your print cartridges
You can now recycle your ink cartridges via The Recycling Factory. The Recycling Factory collect and recycle over 8 million inkjet & toner cartridges each year and whether you’ve got one, or hundreds of cartridges, we can help you to recycle them. Each ink cartridge that they receive, the Carmelites and the National Shrine of Saint Jude will receive a donation. Please send to: Carmelite Friars, PO Box 289, FAVERSHAM, Kent, ME13 3BZ

Donate your old stamps
Simply tear a used stamp from the envelope (being careful not to tear the actual stamp) and send to us at the Shrine Office: Carmelite Friars, PO Box 289, FAVERSHAM, Kent, ME13 3BZ. You can also donate your stamp albums, old stamp collections, and first day covers/presentation packs. 

Donate your old coins
People often have old foreign coins and banknotes tucked away somewhere in a drawer. If this is you - we are currently looking for a number of coins from the pre-Euro age and any old British coins/notes that are no longer in circulation:

Austrian Schilling
Belgian Francs
Deutsche Mark
Dutch Guilders
French Francs
German Marks
Greek Drachmas
Irish Pounds
Italian Lira
Luxembourg Francs
Maltese Lira
Portuguese Escudos
Spanish Pesetas
Slovenian Tolars
Old British coins/notes no longer in circulation
We are also happy to receive any other foreign coinage or notes you may have. 
If you have any of these, please simply send your coins/notes to Carmelite Friars, PO Box 289, FAVERSHAM, Kent, ME13 3BZ. Please make sure you have the correct postage on anything you send us. Or, alternatively, you can bring your old coins and notes to the Shrine. All those who send us some old coins/notes will receive a complimentary prayer card as a thank you, so please make sure you send it with your address.
When we convert the currency, the money will be used for the work of the Shrine and the Carmelites in Britain and abroad. 
Donate your old books
We sell many books that have been donated to us via Amazon. If you have some books you would like to donate to us, please email Matt Betts or call 01795 539 214. Thank you.