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The British Province of Carmelites is active in building the Kingdom of God and sharing the gifts of Carmel. We do not work in isolation; we collaborate with the wider Carmelite family and the communities we journey with and serve. Living in the midst of the people, we seek to understand, respond to the challenges, celebrate the joys, foster community and friendship.  

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We currently serve in the shrines at The Friars, Aylesford and Saint Jude, Faversham, running parishes; working in chaplaincy in prisons and schools; supporting young people and young adult ministry. We also support Carmelite communities and projects in other parts of the world.  

Our current areas of growth and development:

  • Accompanying young people and young adults 
  • Exploring new ways of being community and sharing our Charism
  • Working for justice, peace, and care for creation in response to current needs 
Social Justice
From the early community on Mount Carmel, Carmelites have been in tune with and respectful of the natural environment and seeking to live in peace with others. Elijah ‘Spoke truth to power’ challenging the abuses at the time and defending the rights of the people. This has shaped who we are today.   
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