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Could you too find a home in Carmel?

Christians believe that God calls all people to a life of holiness, that is, a life in relationship with God and with others. This 'vocation' or calling can take different forms. Some are called to religious life and possibly also the priesthood. Others are called to marriage or some other form of commitment. Others still are called to the single life.

Some people are called by God to join religious families, such as the Carmelite Family, as either religious (friars, nuns, sisters, hermits) or as lay people.

In addition to this section of the main website of the British Province of Carmelite, the Province's Vocations Team has a website specifically geared to promoting vocations to the friar way of life: www.carmelitevocation.org.uk.

This will help you to find out something more about the way in which Carmelite friars live and serve today, and the discernment process for those considering a vocation to Carmel.

To learn more about vocations to Lay Carmel please click here. For other vocations, including nuns and sisters, please visit the Carmelite Family section.


First profession of vows by Brother Gerard Walsh, O.Carm.

Brother Severin Tyburski from Germany spent his novitiate in the British Province.


Carmelite Vocations Resources from Britain

The British Province of Carmelites has a website specifically devoted to vocations.

The British Province of Carmelites has produced a booklet entitled Carmelite Friars: 800 Years of Presence and Service, which is designed to give a glimpse of the friars' way of life and help those discerning a possible vocation to Carmel. Vocations candidates can request a copy by clicking here, or download it in PDF format by clicking here. It is also available to purchase from Saint Albert's Press.


Other Carmelite vocations resources
As well as watching interviews with brothers of the British Province in the Friars Speak section of this website, you can watch a video on YouTube about Carmelite vocations produced by the friars in North America please click here.

To view information about vocations produced by the Irish Province please click here.


First profession of vows by Brother Gerard Walsh, O.Carm.

Vocations and Saint Thérèse of Lisieux
The visit of the relics of Saint Thérèse to England and Wales in the autumn of 2009 proved to be an ideal occasion to pray for vocations to the priesthood, to the religious life, and to the Carmelite Family. Thérèse was intimately concerned with God's calling of her family and friends, and we ask for her intercession that others may be called to Carmel. To download a vocations leaflet produced in conjunction with the visit of the relics (in PDF format) please click here.

Other Vocations Resources