Medieval Spirituality of the Order

The medieval Carmelite Order first articulated what it is to live ‘in allegiance to Jesus Christ’ within the Brotherhood of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel (to give the Order its full title). Many Carmelite scholars and saints wrote and preached about Christ and the Christian life, and some of their teachings have survived the centuries.

Below is a list (to be gradually expanded in coming months) of some key Carmelite texts from (or about) the Middle Ages.

Felip Ribot

This is one of the classic texts of the Carmelite Order in the Middle Ages. It is a guide to the spiritual journey as undertaken by Carmelites, inspired particularly by the prophet Elijah and the Blessed Virgin Mary. A modern English translation by Richard Copsey, O.Carm., was printed by Saint Albert’s Press in 2005; for purchasing information please click here.


14th Century Carmelite Spirituality

We are pleased to make available an article by Dr. Valerie Edden, an expert in the literature and culture of the medieval Carmelite Order in England. She is a practising Methodist and serves on the Academic Board of the Carmelite Institute of Britain & Ireland.
Saint Albert of Trapani
A number of articles were published in 2007 studying his life and legacy; please click here to download an English translation of these articles in PDF format.
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