Brown Scapular Confraternity

The Brown Scapular Confraternity
Millions of people around the world wear the small brown cloth around their shoulders known as the Carmelite Brown Scapular. This sacramental – one of the most popular across the Church – is a symbol of belonging to the wider Carmelite Family, and of pledging oneself to the protection of Our Lady and the service of her son Jesus Christ.

Left: the ‘miniature’ scapular Right: scapular medal which can be worn in place of the cloth version

Enrolling members in the Brown Scapular

In some countries, such as Spain and Italy, wearers of the Brown Scapular are admitted to spiritual and social organisations known as Scapular Confraternities (brother/sisterhoods). No such formal organisation exists in Britain at the present time. However, all those who are ‘enrolled’ in the Brown Scapular are considered linked to the Carmelite Family in a spiritual sense and part of the worldwide ‘Scapular Confraternity’.

Members of a Brown Scapular Confraternity in Italy

In the year 2000 the Carmelite (O.Carm. & O.C.D.) Provincials in North America produced an excellent publication setting out the symbolism of the Scapular and rituals for enrolment in it; to access these please click on the links:
For a copy of the Brown Scapular Blessing and Enrolment Rite in PDF format please click here.

To watch video presentations about the Carmelite Brown Scapular, click on the arrow in the YouTube boxes below.


For more information about the Scapular, its symbolic meaning, and enrollment, please contact one of the Carmelite communities listed on the communities map of this website, or e-mail the Third Order Nationa Secretary Mrs Veronica Errington



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