Aylesford through the Centuries

The Carmelite Priory at Aylesford in Kent was first established by hermits from Mount Carmel in 1242. After the first known General Chapter of the hermits was held here in 1247, and their subsequent development into an order of mendicant friars, Aylesford become something of a spiritual 'second home' to Carmelites. Suppresed at the Reformation, the priory became a private home known as "The Friars". In 1949 the Carmelites were able to re-purchase their ancient home, and today Aylesford Priory is one of the most popular retreat and pilgrimage sites in Britain.

Below we make available various resources relating to the history of Aylesford over the centuries.

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Aylesford in the 1960s
The following footage was filmed by British Pathé in 1967 (click on the images to start videos in a new browser window).

The first video shows the work done at Aylesford Pottery.

The second video (without sound) shows footage from Aylesford including an Elizabethan Banquet in the Pilgrims' Hall.


The 60th anniversary of the friars' return
In October 2009 the Carmelites celebrated the 60th anniversary of their return to Aylesford. To read a news report of the event click here.