Carmelite Studies - Further Resources

List of Carmelite Resources
The website of the Carmelite Curia in Rome has a listing of useful resources, articles, etc. To access it please click here.

The Carmelite Index
The Carmelite Index provides links to Carmelite-related resources on the internet.

The Centre for the Study of Christianity and Culture
Christianity and Culture is an initiative which seeks to explore and explain Christianity as one of the most important influences on art, music, history, literature and architecture. Christianity and Culture supports teaching and research, produces books and innovative interactive resources, and works with partners to create interpretation schemes for important historic churches. The Centre is located in the Humanities Research Centre at the University of York. Whilst not focussing exclusively on Carmelite Studies, some of the resources produced by Christianity and Culture include Carmelite material (sometimes supplied by the British Province of Carmelites), and help to place Carmelite life in its broader historical and theological context.