Carmelite Ministries

Ministry (also known as service, mission or apostolate) is one of the central elements of the <a href="">Carmelite charism</a>. By reaching out to our brothers and sisters in various different practical ways, we encounter God's presence in them, and help them to draw closer to God. We open ourselves to be God's hands in the world, responding to the needs of others, especially the poor and marginalised.

There is no single form of Carmelite ministry. Rather, Carmelite communities and individuals engage in many different types of apostolate, responding to the needs of the Church and the societies in which we find ourselves.

In this section you will find a selection of works that Carmelites, especially Carmelite friars, are engaged in, particularly within Britain.

Reading the signs of the times we are engaged in many different ministries of service and presence: retreats and spiritual development; parishes; shrine ministry (including Aylesford Priory and the National Shrine of St. Jude in Faversham); prison, hospital and university chaplaincy; counselling; teaching and research; publishing and broadcasting; ecumenism and interfaith dialogue; justice and peace work; and many other apostolates. We are an active partner in the Carmelite Institute of Britain and Ireland (CIBI).