Pre-Vatican II Texts

Between the Middle Ages and the Second Vatican Council in the 1960s, many beautiful texts on Carmelite spirituality were written. Here is a small selection.

The Carmelite Directory of the Spiritual Life
The Carmelite Directory of the Spiritual Life was compiled by Carmelite friar John (of the Cross) Brenninger in the 1940s. He lived in Rome and was was involved in the academic and spiritual formation of young Carmelites. Originally written in Latin, it was translated into a number of modern languages. The Directory was intended for novices, but soon it became a classic compendium for the spiritual journey. Although some of its theology is typical of the pre-Vatican II Church, it remains a rich source of wisdom, and was republished in the 21st century.

Malachy Lynch - Into The Land of Carmel
Into The Land of Carmel was a booklet designed for those considering a vocation as a Carmelite friar. It was written by Fr. Malachy Lynch, O.Carm., who restored Aylesford Priory in the 1950s. It includes reflections on religious vocation, the history of the Carmelites, and the spirituality of the Order.