JPIC activities in the British Province of Carmelites

Carmelite friars and laity joined Church Leaders in the
'Wave for Climate Justice' in December 2009

Carmelite individuals and communities in Britain, both religious and lay, live out their commitment to justice, peace and the integrity of Creation in a wide variety of ways. Some examples are listed below (please note, listing does not necessarily imply endorsement by the British Province of Carmelites as a whole):


  • purchasing Fairtrade products for our churches, homes and workplaces, and consuming ethically - the British Province is working towards achieving status as a Fairtrade Province






  • recycling household and office waste, composting, etc.




  • outreach ministry among the unchurched, and those who feel excluded from the Church


  • monitoring and using the media to promote proper and fair reporting of JPIC issues




  • reducing energy consumption (for example through roof and window insulation in our properties where possible)


  • distributing food to the hungry and supporting foodbanks


  • Contacting our elected representatives on matters of concern, participating in Citizens Groups and Constituency Groups







  • off-setting carbon emissions generated by travel for meetings of the Order


  • collecting stamps that are sold to raise funds for a Carmelite project in Timor Leste that provides people with life-long skills and trades


  • providing clinics, maternity units, electricity generators and houses of formation in projects run by our brothers and sisters in Africa and Asia, including the mission of the Corpus Christi Carmelite Sisters in Liberia (to read the latest Liberia Bulletin please click here)


  • investing Province resources ethically


  • collecting and distributing money in response to natural disasters


  • prison chaplaincy and rehabilitation work


  • working among the homeless


  • organising Peace Walks (for example in London)


  • promoting the witness of Christian martyrs who spoke out in favour of justice, including Titus Brandsma and Oscar Romero (for example through the Archbishop Romero Trust, printing reflections on Romero in Assumpta magazine, and supporting development projects in El Salvador)


  • building peace through better understanding of our neighbours, particularly through ecumenical and interfaith encounter and dialogue


  • political lobbying and peaceful demonstrating, for example during the Climate Wave event in December 2009, and the ENOUGH IF campaign in June 2013


  • speaking out in defence of human rights, including religious freedom



  • campaigning against human trafficking, as encouraged by the Carmelite NGO


  • campaigning for reform in matters of welfare provision, prisons, the arms trade, etc.







  • taking part in events that help us reflect on global issues, such as One World Week


How can you contribute to the Order's JPIC work?


  • Inform yourself about JPIC issues through resources produced by the groups listed above; subscribe to the Carmelite NGO newsletter.


  • Pray and reflect upon issues of justice, peace and the integrity of God's Creation; our apostolates and attitudes must be grounded in a living relationship with God in prayer.


  • Support some of the activities listed above, and seek to live simply that others may simply live.


  • Consider donating time or money to the work of the Province and its partners.
For a document summarising the Carmelite Order's interest in JPIC issues and a list of examples of JPIC ministry in the British Province, please click here.